SolarWall Technologies

The SolarWall® technology delivers one of the verifiably fastest solar paybacks. The system uses the sun’s energy to pre-heat ventilation air for commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential and agricultural buildings, as well as for crop and process drying applications.  It substantially reduces traditional heating fuel expenses in a building integrated system which requires no maintenance and has a 30+ year lifespan. Independent monitoring data indicates that SolarWall systems can displace between 20-50% of heating fuel consumption, depending on size and application.


There are various types of SolarWall systems available depending on the client or building requirements (e.g. wall or rooftop mounted solar air heating system with optional  PV to provide a co-generation electricity and solar air heating system)


SolarWall, SolarDuct, SolarWall PV/T, SolarDuct PV/T

SolarWall – Solar air heating system

Heating can typically be one of the largest energy expenditures in the building industry.  The ability of a SolarWall system to address this energy usage and to displace a sizable amount of it – and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions – explains why the technology has such a compelling return on investment.


In the late 1970s, Conserval Engineering began developing methods to reduce energy consumption in industrial and commercial applications. By the 1990s, the company had invented one of the world’s most efficient ways to harness the sun’s energy to help heat buildings of all shapes, sizes and functions – new or retrofit. The product’s apt name: The SolarWall® system.


Worldwide interest was sparked immediately, and the ingenuity of the SolarWall technology was recognized by organizations such as the U.S. Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada, Popular Science Magazine, R&D Magazine, and several others.


The SolarWall technology has lead the way ever since in defining the global solar air heating industry, both scientifically and in world-wide applications, with customers such as Ford Motor Company, 3M, Prologis, GM, Toyota, FedEx, Bombardier, the U.S. Military, and many more in almost 30 countries. The high level of architectural versatility, combined with substantial energy savings and LEED point generation, have made it a popular renewable energy technology for building owners, facility managers and architects

SolarDuct – Modular rooftop solar air heating system

SolarDuct® is based on the highly efficient and award-winning SolarWall® system. The technology has been specifically engineered for roof settings and for applications in which a traditional wall mounted system is not feasible.


Like the original SolarWall® technology, SolarDuct® is a solar heating system that heats ventilation air before it enters the air handling units. The patented system uses an all-metal collector panel (transpired solar collector) and is suitable for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Perforations in the panels allow the heat that normally collects on a dark surface to be uniformly drawn through the SolarDuct® panel and then ducted into the conventional HVAC system.


The SolarDuct® system is optimized to meet site conditions in terms of orientation towards the sun and proximity to rooftop air handling units. The modular arrays are sized according to the energy requirements of the building.

SolarWall PV/T – Hybrid Heating + Electricity

SolarWall® PV/T (photovoltaic + solar thermal) is a hybrid system which provides up to 4 times the total energy from the same surface area. The secondary benefit is to reduce the operating temperature of the PV modules and thereby improve electrical performance. The patented system provides both PV generated electricity and warm air for building ventilation or process heating.  As well, the SolarWall® component becomes the PV racking system, which further reduces PV system costs.


Conserval Engineering originated the concept of combining PV with SolarWall, which is also available now in a modular rooftop system called SolarDuct PV/T. The goal with the SolarWall® PV/T system was to address some of the problems inherent with conventional photovoltaics, and to develop a solution that would further enhance PV as a viable renewable energy solution. Two problems that can make PV unattractive are the long payback periods and the low efficiencies.  By combining SolarWall with PV into one technology provides a solution to both of these problems.

SolarDuct PV/T – Hybrid Heating + Electricity

SolarDuct® PV/T is a modular rooftop application of the PV/thermal technology that also acts as a PV racking system. PV modules are mounted on top of the SolarDuct units, and the heat is drawn off the back of the PV modules and then ducted to the nearest rooftop air handler. The ‘excess heat’ is then channeled into the building’s HVAC system where it is used to offset the heating load. The removal of the heat from the back of the PV modules also enhances the electrical operating efficiency of the PV by up to 10%. Since the SolarWall® air heating panels serve as the racking system needed to mount the PV modules, that also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the cogeneration system. The modular units are easy to install and are angled at an ideal orientation for maximum solar gain.