Your gifts can support a wide range of projects, from hospitals to schools, to libraries, to food banks, to Churches and other community organizations.  All these projects will produce environmental benefits and help reduce CO2 emissions.


Donations can either be made anonymously or can be showcased create permanent recognition.  For larger donations (as outlined on the downloadable form) specific PR plans can be developed with the SolarWall Foundation to publicize the project and create awareness for both the donor and the recipient.


The SolarWall Foundation will also work with other foundations and corporations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to deploy renewable energy projects and generate CO2 offsets.


The SolarWall Foundation accepts donations in the forms of cash or securities.



Charitable gifts are most often made in the form of cash (wire transfers, checks and credit cards) and are generally deductible from income tax at the full amount of the donation. Cash Donation Form (PDF)



Giving securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares) that are worth more than they cost can bring additional tax savings. Such gifts are generally deductible from income tax at their full current value. Securities Donation Form (PDF)


Canadian Tax Planning Tips

In Canada, gifts of cash may be used to eliminate federal income tax by up to 75% of net income for the year. Any unused credit can be carried forward for 5 years to offset taxes in those years, subject to the 75% limit in each year.


Solar Charities

Existing Charities and Foundations are encouraged to work with The SolarWall Foundation (TSF) to advance their common goals relating to solar energy. TSF will manage the complete solar installation from initial evaluation to project management to final completion.


Canadian Charitable Tax Receipt

The SolarWall Foundation is administered by CanadaGives, a registered charity in Canada and thus the tax receipt will be issued by CanadaGives on behalf of The SolarWall Foundation.


The SolarWall Foundation is in process of establishing working relationships with registered charities in USA.