About Us

The SolarWall Foundation’s Mission

Our mission is to help promote a sustainable world by providing financial resources to encourage projects which support these goals. The COVID situation has stressed the importance of healthy buildings with adequate fresh air so our current focus will be to solar heat the increased quantities of ventilation air required in schools, health care facilities and long term seniors residences.

Who We Are

The SolarWall Foundation was established by Conserval Engineering CEO and SolarWall® inventor John Hollick who has been a pioneer in the solar energy sector since 1977. Conserval commercialized solar air heating around the world with its building integrated technology called “SolarWall”.  SolarWall systems are now used on 6 continents for a wide variety of clients, including government, military, multi-nationals, and agriculture.  Recognizing the vital role that not-for-profit entities play in local communities, John Hollick’s vision for the SolarWall Foundation is to assist these entities to install solar heating systems on their buildings. Please visit www.solarwall.com for information on SolarWall systems and projects around the world.


The SolarWall Foundation is a Donor Advised Charity (DAC) administered by Canada Gives, a Canadian registered charity.