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SolarWall Foundation Announces Support for Municipalities and Schools to Meet New COVID Fresh Air Requirements for Buildings

April 29, 2021 – Indoor air quality has never been as important as it is now. To minimize the spread of COVID and other viruses within buildings, authorities are mandating larger amounts of fresh air which will have to be heated. Solar energy can support this healthier indoor environment while minimizing the usage of fossil fuels.  The most cost effective solar energy technology in Canada to improve indoor air quality is solar air heating. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study for the City of Toronto revealed that over 50% of a building’s energy usage in Toronto is for space heating. Given that most people spend their days either at work or at school, it makes sense to solar heat those buildings while the sun shines.


In an effort to introduce the benefits of building integrated solar air heating, a Canadian invention now used in over 40 countries, the SolarWall Foundation has teamed with Conserval Engineering to offer municipalities a feasibility analysis to show the cost benefit of solar air heating on their buildings. The work will be carried out by professional engineers at Conserval Engineering once a municipality has been approved for funding.


Solar air heating is a solar thermal technology in which the energy from the sun heats air. In heating climates, space heating is usually the largest usage of building energy and it is the air in the building that is heated. Solar air heating systems can be building-integrated and typically reduce between 20-30% of conventional energy used for heating buildings.


The SolarWall Foundation has a mandate to facilitate solar heating systems on schools, hospitals and municipal buildings. Recognizing that the energy used in the building sector accounts for up to 40% of total CO2 emissions, as well as representing a sizable component of a building’s ongoing operating costs, John Hollick, SolarWall® inventor, states “We want to help facilitate the widespread use of solar energy so that Canada’s not-for-profit entities can better serve their local communities via lower energy costs while lowering CO2 emissions.”


The SolarWall Foundation was established by John Hollick who has been a pioneer in the solar energy sector since 1977. He invented low cost solar air heating and commercialized it around the world with the technology that has been branded as “SolarWall”.The SolarWall Foundation is a Donor Advised Charity administered by Canada Gives, a Canadian registered charity.


The program is currently limited geographically to southern Ontario but could be expanded to other regions in Canada depending on donations received from people or companies in other Provinces.


Interested municipalities can contact either or to learn more about the program.