The SolarWall Foundation is an innovative Canadian solar charity with a mandate to facilitate the installation of solar heating and hybrid thermal electric systems on schools, hospitals, churches, food banks, and community buildings. Recognizing that the energy used in the building sector accounts for up to 40% of total CO2 emissions, as well as representing a sizable component of a building’s ongoing operating costs, the goal of the SolarWall Foundation is twofold; we want to help facilitate the widespread use of solar energy so that Canada’s not-for-profit entities can better serve their local communities via lower energy costs.  And by doing this, we are in turn helping them to also achieve substantial environmental milestones by reducing their on-site energy demand and CO2 footprint.


Solar technologies represent a valuable contribution for Canada’s not-for-profit sector because for ever dollar that they are able to save in reduced overhead; it means that more money can be used directly in helping the community. And since solar heating systems displace the largest usage of conventional energy in buildings (which is typically indoor and ventilation heating), they also produce substantial GHG reductions.


The SolarWall Foundation recognizes the financial challenges that many not-for-profit organizations face, and accordingly, our goal is to expand the reach of solar energy to these types of organizations that provide vital community services.


The SolarWall Foundation will also work with other foundations and corporations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to help deploy solar energy projects.


The SolarWall Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of their inaugural project, which was the installation of a SolarDuct® air heating system at Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank.  Please click here for more information on this exciting project.

The SolarWall Foundation